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Radio Silence

Firstly, I need to apologize for the radio silence. I was truly overwhelmed with the response of my last blog: falling in love, 8 years ago. So in true ameliya-nature, I abandoned my new passion and shut my laptop off for 3 MONTHS. I can't explain why. I planned to blog 3 - 4 times per week, created a content schedule, had drafts written & ready to roll and I just simply locked it all away. Perhaps I knew 3 months ago my focus wasn't on writing. It was on something else? I am not sure.

So if any of you have read my 'early 20's bullshit' post - here - You would know I was (and am still) battling the universe in order to get an understanding of my purpose in life. I am VERY critical on myself, my current life situation, achievements VS successes. I am forever feeling like I took a wrong turn & am trying to find my way back to the strong path I believed I was on.

A little update on my 'situation' since my last post. As it's been previously noted, I studied. I spent 4 years at University to obtain a double degree to then walk right out of University into retail. Real good for the ego. Anyway, I whinged & whinged about my retail work life until come June this year the Universe made me do something about my unhappiness. I truly do not believe in coincidences and I am a firm believer that if something has passed its expiry date in your life, and you have not made an conscious decision for yourself, the universe will make it happen on your behalf - any which way it needs to. One Monday I was standing at work, venting to a co-worker after applying for a graduate jobs and being constantly rejected & contemplating moving to London as an escape, or perhaps a better chance at obtaining employment over there. Enter: Universe. By Tuesday that week, I had a crippling foot infection, by Wednesday I had developed cysts on the bottom of both of my feet, by Thursday I was going in for surgery. Come Friday, I was told I can no longer work on my feet day in and day out & was forced to resign from my management role to undergo further surgeries and rehabilitation. At the time I was thinking "what the f***".

Flash forward almost 3 months, my mortons neuroma is manageable, I landed myself a job coordinating restaurant & retail fit outs and I am no longer complaining about feeling inadequate. I finally feel useful, almost like I am finally getting back onto the right path - despite working 10 hours per day. BUT we are all aware that the dream is ALWAYS sold without the hustle. I've been asked to come on board in a PR & Marketing role with a close girlfriends new active wear line - stay tuned - it is f***ing amazing. I feel busier than ever before BUT I also feel this is where I am the most productive. If I am not busy, I am nothing short of lazy. Two extremes - but I am learning to find what makes me tick.

What you'll be seeing from me:

:) I am going to document the ENTIRE social media branding process for my girlfriend's active wear line. You will be able to see behind the scenes buying, fabric samples, designs, colour swatches, and most importantly the focal point of the brand.

:) I am getting back on my findingthefitness way of life. You'll get the entire process documented. Recipes & Workouts.

:) MORE POSTS. about f***ing time I start using this website I pay $$ for.




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